Barry Rosenberg, 
Editor-in-chief of Defense Systems Magazine, writes:
Enoree is a story of friendship, redemption, and faith that evokes Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Jerry Mullinax is a writer with a special talent and voice for the South, who brings to life the personality of the story's main character, Jake, a young boy whose life of learning, adventure, and redemption is inextricably linked to the title of the book in a journey of discovery that I will never forget. 

Ruth Morris
Professor of English at Greenville Technical College, writes:
Mullinax's portrayal is true to the ugliness of that time yet gentle in its forgiveness of human frailty. Mullinax has dealt with the themes of fear of the unknown, segregation, and discrimination in a story that offers redemption. This is a book to share with children to open up a conversation about befriending the "other" in our midst. The swing across that river is the metaphor for the boys bridging the turbulent waters of the Jim Crow south.

Author Lorraine Carey writes:

Jerry Mullinax is a master at descriptive visualization. I can only say that Enoree motivates me to visit this river where I will easily be able to close my eyes and see Jake and Gabriel swinging over the Enoree. For sure, I will shed some tears again for Jo. The reader will easily identify with each character and actually be taken back to a time when play was magical. Mullinax leaves you with the feeling that all the souls have left an imprint on the Enoree River, a source of unending fascination.

Author Leanna Sain writes:

Enoree is an intriguing tale about life in racially divided Pelham, South Carolina in the late 1950's. Jake's fascination with mentally-handicapped Emmett as well as Jake's secret friendship with Jo, a black boy from the wrong side of the river, flourishes amidst the hatred and bigotry simmering in this small-town atmosphere. Try as he might, Jake's daddy is unable to root out this seed of racism within his congregation with tragic results. Enoree gives us a peek into life as it was in the rural South during this shameful time in our history and makes us very glad that it is in the past. presents Jerry's 445-page adolescent fantasy novel JASPER'S  CASTLE. Three twelve-year-old cousins trek to their Grandmother Barrington's  40-room, 3-towered Belgium castle in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Although the cousins have free reign of everything in and around the castle, one basement door has become off-limits, where 150 years earlier something strange occurred. If three pre-adolescents are told not to do something, would it be possible they might consider doing it? also presents at the low introductory price of
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Jerry Mullinax    


"Enoree is the reincarnation of
Sawyer & Sling Blade in Mockingbird skin."

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